The KettleClamp, Adjustable Kettlebell

Turn any Dumbell into a Kettlebell!

The KettleClamp offers a REAL kettlebell experience, offering great balance and an authentic feel. Strong, fast, and safe, it fits into your gym bag and budget.

WHY IS THE KETTLECLAMP MORE EXPENSIVE COMPARED TO OTHER ADJUSTABLE KETTLEBELLS? The KettleClamp was created using state of the art design & manufacturing technology. To ensure an authentic feel, the KettleClamp is constructed entirely from cast aluminum and stainless steel.

The KettleClamp makes kettlebells accessible to anyone by turning ANY dumbbell into a kettlebell. Compared to competitor products, switching between dumbbells is fast and easy. No difficult parts to assemble and disassemble.

Perform swings, jerks, cleans, and snatches at a desired weight that YOU choose instead of purchasing an entire set of heavy kettlebells.

The KettleClamp weighs about 9 pounds as a stand-alone unit (without a dumbbell attached).


Product Features

  • Feels and performs exactly like a traditional kettlebell.
  • Fits any dumbbell. Any weight. Any Style.
  • 90 Degree Pivoting Handle ensures the ideal grip for every movement.
  • Versatile and Powerfull. Fasten to dumbbells, barbells, or pull up bars with the confidence to lift up to 1000 lbs.
  • Cast Aluminium and Stainless Steel with anodized finish.