Ultra Flexible Weight Lifting Gloves with Built-in Adjustable Wrist Straps for WOD, Crossfit, Cross training, Kettlebell, Barbell Sports

Brand New padded fitness gloves with built in wrap around wrist support. Never let hand discomfort interrupt a gym session again! *Made of high quality material for men and women *Adjustable wrist support (Velcro) *Unique design provides flexibility and breathability for your toughest work *Motivational slogan to help get you through those tough workouts! Whether you are a fitness beginner, advanced lifter or a weekend athlete, these weight lifting gloves help get your gains to the next level. Buy now and GET IT DONE SIZING – Measure the width of your hand at the knuckles – not including thumb- to determine the size of glove you need. **If you are between sizes, it is recommended that you buy the larger**

Product Features

  • SUPPORT: Built in adjustable wrist straps to offer support for heavy lifting
  • MOBILITY: Flexible neomprine fabric offers maximum mobility during exercises
  • GRIP: Full Palm Grip for protection from , callus, cuts and scrapes
  • AIRFLOW: Back of hand is open to provide air flow – when sweat isn’t trapped, your gloves won’t stink!
  • PERFORMANCE: The combination of features will increase your performance in the gym and outdoors