Corex Functional Fitness Training Sandbag, up to 30lbs, Soft Kettlebell

Features: Up to 30LBs weight capacity. Sand not included. Two tear resistance, comfortable, handles. High quality, leak proof inner bag, enclosed by a zipper and unobtrusive velcro over seal for added strength. One year limited warranty. 30 day money back guarantee.

Product Features

  • The CoreX functional Sand Bag is ideal for functional fitness training. It is sized and shaped between a kettlebell and handled medicine ball, enabling the performance of comparable exercises.
  • This bag can do it all!
  • This high quality bag is made from multilayered material for added strength, durability and comfort. It is built to last! The bag’s texture is soft compared to usual sandbags, having a neoprene like padded feel to it!
  • The fixed handles are a comfortable, tear resistant design that is similar to that found on high end luggage. The supplied high quality inner bag is enclosed by a heavy duty zipper with an unobtrusive velcro over seal, making for a secure closing.