Crossbell Kettlebell – Core Training. Natural Color. The Crossbell Is a Unique Kettlebell Designed so That You Can Get a Better Workout At Home.

CrossBell is the coolest piece of home fitness equipment ever made and our shop is the only place you can buy it! CrossBell gives you the variety of a full gym with one piece of equipment. It is designed to help you get fit and have fun doing it. Choose your own weight: the CrossBell is hollow so you fill it up to your desired level of resistance. Can be used as a dumbbell or a kettlebell. For additional resistance attach it to a cable or resistance band. Whether you spend lots of time exercising or are just starting, get instant access to a beginner and an advanced workout so you can start using the CrossBell as soon as you receive it!

Product Features

  • Adjustable weight so that as you get stronger you can continuously challenge your body
  • Unique shape challenges your balance and strength so that you get a better workout in less time
  • Ergonomic grooves makes doing kettlebell exercises more comfortable so you can do more with less likelihood of getting injured
  • Made from a food-grade plastic that is virtually indestructible, light, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. CrossBell can be mounted/inserted onto a 1″ barbell so you can perform any barbell exercise such as biceps curl or back squats
  • Specially designed with a Fill Hole so you can adjust the weight of the CrossBell using water, sand or gravel.Weight Chart: Empty 2.2 lbs. Water up to 11 lbs. Sand up to 20 lbs. Coins up to 35 lbs. Buckshot up to 45 lbs.