j/fit Cardio Workout Kettlebell Weights | Vinyl Coated Solid Cast Iron – 15-Pound (Blue)

“Finally, The Most Durable Solid Iron Kettlebell Collection Has Just Been Released! Fitness Enthusiasts Wait No More!

Are you looking for the best kettlebell equipment kit so as to improve your workouts? Are you fed up with cheaply made training kettlebells that would scratch your floors and start chipping after a while? Do you need fast and efficient ways to improve stamina levels and total body strength?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the best tone fitness kettlebell proposal for you!

Build Stamina & Strength, Challenge Your Body & Improve Flexibility With j/fit Kettlebell Weights

Start training with one of our kettlebell weights and feel the difference all over your body. Choose among our many weights which bear different vibrant colors for facilitated distinguishing and off you go!

Sculpt your whole body, improve your core muscles, shape and tone your legs, lift that butt and of course lose stubborn fat and pounds.

Ideal for both men and women who love training hard, keeping perfect form and enhancing their overall wellbeing.

Here Are 7 More Reasons Why These Cardio Workout Kettlebells Are The Way To Go:

* Indestructible pure iron portable kettlebell weights. * Vinyl coated weights for perfect floors. * Kettlebells with bright colors and weight size in bold print. * Wide and hand polished handles for comfort grip and protected hands. * Ideal for men, women, kids, seniors, professionals and beginners. * Burn body fat and lose weight, boost metabolism and strengthen core muscles. * Ideal combination of strength, agility and cardio kettlebells.

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Product Features

  • CHOOSE KETTLEBELL CHOOSE INTENSITY: Improve your workouts by simply choosing among our many kettlebell options. Find your weights and regulate the intensity of your fitness training from now on.
  • INTACT FLOORS VINYL COATED WEIGHTS: Designed to be vinyl coated, our cardio workout kettlebells will never rust or damage your wooden floors. The flat bottom will facilitate storage to the fullest.
  • SECURE & SMOOTH GRIP WIDE HANDLE: With your safety and comfort in mind, all of our training kettlebells bear wide and hand polished handles for perfect form and smooth grip every single time.
  • DURABLE SOLID CAST IRON KETTLEBELLS: Our swing kettlebell collection is made from high quality solid iron. You may rest assured that they will last for the many years and workouts have yet to come!
  • SCULPT & TONE YOUR BODY: These kettlebells are ideal for both men and women, great for sports, intense workouts, cardio routines, mma, trx, CrossFit, boxing, kickboxing and fitness tone exercises.

CanDo Vinyl-Coated Kettlebell, Blue, 15 Pound

Vinyl coated, color-coded cast iron kettlebells are ideal for rehabilitation, strength training and toning. Each kettlebell has vibrant colors making it easy to identify weights. The coating on the weights reduces the potential for floor scratching. The CanDo vinyl-coated kettlebells are marked both in pounds and kilograms. Available in 8 weights from 5 to 30 pounds.

Product Features

  • Vinyl coating helps prevent damage to floors
  • Color-coded for quick identification
  • Perfect for rehabilitation or exercise
  • Textured handles provides a better grip
  • Marked in pounds and kilograms

CFF Vinyl Russian Kettlebell and Chalk Block, Blue, 20-Pound

CFF-FIT 20 -Pound vinyl kettlebells are the perfect tool for high intensity kettlebell training. Affordable vinyl kettlebells available in 5 -Pound increments from 5 – 50 -Pound in 5 -Pound increments (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50)Includes 2 -Ounce of Chalk: Amazon Exclusive. Great for Crossfit and MMA Training.

Product Features

  • 20 -Pound Vinyl Kettlebell
  • CFF-FIT vinyl kettlebells are the perfect tool for high intensity kettlebell training
  • High Quality
  • Includes 2 -Ounce of Chalk: Amazon Exclusive

Cando 10-3194 Blue Kettle Bell, 15 lbs Weight

Cando kettle bell. For rehabilitation, strength training and toning. Vibrant colors for easy weight identification. Coating reduces potential floor scratching. 15lbs Weight capacity.

Product Features

  • Cando kettle bell
  • For rehabilitation, strength training and toning
  • Vibrant colors for easy weight identification
  • Coating reduces potential floor scratching
  • 15lbs Weight capacity

Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound Discount !!

Title : Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound
ASIN : B00525XS4I
Description : Enhance and maximize your workout with this versatile solid iron blue 15lb kettle bell complete with two instructional workouts on one DVD from Reebok. This kettle bell has an easy-grip handle, and sculpts and strengthens as it builds muscle mass.
Features :

  • Easy to grip authentic kettle bell-style handle
  • Durable PVC coating protects floors
  • Dynamic swing movements designed for high intensity provide rapid results
  • 2-in-1 workout combines cardio and toning
  • Kit includes DVD with 2 workouts

Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound
List Price : $39.99
Price : $36.71
Saved Price : $3.28

Category: Kettlebells
Brand: Reebok
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.7
Rating : 3
Review : Great little kit
I got the 10lb kettle bell. My biggest fear was throwing the darned thing into the tv while I was working out, but I found it easy to grip and hold on to, and I pointed myself away from the tv when doing really big moves. ;)

I’ve so far only completed the beginner workout, and while it’s only 16 minutes, it’s a darned crazy 16 minutes! There’s a nice warmup (including the kettlebell, so you start going right away!). Then you will do 40 seconds of engagement and 20 seconds of recovery for the duration of the workout, which is nice, because he shows you the next move during the recovery. The beginners workout seems easy, but doing full squats with chest raises for 40 seconds is nothing to sneeze at! I think I’ll keep with teh beginner workout for a week or so, maybe even doing it twice, then move up to the advanced.

The cool-down has some nice stretches, and I felt a good burn during the stretches. Plus, as an added bonus, I got to sit down! LOL

This is…


GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Single With Bob Harper Training Dvd (Blue, 20Lb) Get Rabate

Title : GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Single With Bob Harper Training Dvd (Blue, 20Lb)
Description : Bob Harper Contour Kettlebell
Features :

  • Patent pending contour shape is forearm friendly.
  • Included Bob Harper kettlebell DVD gets you started and keeps you motivated on the road to your fitness goals.
  • Vinyl dipped kettlebell lessens damage to wood or smooth surface floors

GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Single With Bob Harper Training Dvd (Blue, 20Lb) GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Single With Bob Harper Training Dvd (Blue, 20Lb)
List Price : $54.99
Price : $44.71
Saved Price : $10.28

Category: Kettlebells
Brand: GoFit
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.4
Rating : 38
Review : Know Your Kettlebell Size and Form
Kettlebell Weight:
If you’re just starting out with kettlebell training and you don’t know what size kettlebell to use, the recommended guidelines are that an average woman would start with an 8kg (17.5 lb) bell, while a man would start with a 16kg (35lb) bell. However, with the cardio DVD kettlebell workouts that have a lot of movement, if you follow those weight guidelines, you’re going to have a bad day. There is absolutely no way a man could do one of Bobs cardio kettlebell workouts with a 35lb bell. A strong woman could probably do one with a 20lb bell, but you wouldn’t want to start there.

I use DragonDoor kettlebells, which are largely considered to be the best kettlebells you can get. They are VERY expensive, and once you go below their 12kg bell (26 lbs), they change the handle which results in the bell being harder to swing with two hands. That being said, because you will be using smaller kettlebells than what is considered common for cardio kettlebell…