RKC Russian Kettlebell – (88lbs – 40kg) (Dragon Door)

“THE BULLDOG” Dragon Door’s 88lb (40kg) Russian Kettlebell Attacks Your Weaknesses And Never Lets Go-Ensuring Record & Rapid Gains In Size and Strength

When Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragon Door introduced the first-ever 88lb cast iron kettlebell to the US-it quickly earned the nickname BULLDOG amongst our hardest-core lifters and athletes.

Why? The answer is intensity… THE BULLDOG insists on utter precision, utter concentration and perfect technique… or it will rip you to shreds.

THE BULLDOG is tenacious-it won’t let go until every muscle in your body is pure steel.

This kettlebell intends to inflict serious pain on you-and to chase any shred of weakness from your screaming carcass. Only the strong of will and heart need apply… but the rewards will speak for themselves!

“What difference could there be between one unruly hunk of metal and another? It turns out the answer is “Plenty”. After months of using a friends “Brand X” 40KG kettlebells, I bit the bullet and bought a set from Dragon Door. Despite being the same weight, the DragonDoor units are more compact, and have a lower center of gravity. Floor presses are more challenging (read more effective) and its much easier to stay tight on cleans. The overall finish is smoother(less skin ripping),” by Mark Toomey / Reno, NV

Product Features

  • 88 lbs / 40 kg
  • Powerful tool to aid weight loss and muscle gain
  • Official RKC Russian Kettlebell
  • Rust Resistant, Military Grade & Smooth, comfortable grip