Sunny Black Kettle Bell

New training tool that delivers an intense workout; helping develop total body strength, power, and endurance. Increases body dynamic and flexibility. Made from 30LB high-grade cast-iron material. Smooth handle for easy use and good grip.

Product Features

  • New training tool that delivers an intense workout
  • Made from high-grade cast-iron material
  • Smooth handle for easy use and good grip

3 replies on “Sunny Black Kettle Bell”

Perfect (for me) I’ve used some other kettle bells, but this is my favorite brand/model I’ve used so far. I’m sure it varies from person to person, but I prefer the slightly thinner handle. I also have some other kettle bells with thicker handles, which I find it harder to keep good form with… Also, I often use these in a circuit between boxing rounds (and the thinner handle makes them easier to keep a solid grip when I still have my hand wraps on). 

Durable KB I’ve had mine for a couple months. Dropped it couple times on accident on hard concrete in my backyard and it’s still in great shape. Great price for a 60lbs kettlebell and the free shipping should seal the deal if you’re cheap like me.

Great product, excellent for one hand maneuvers… Really like this kettle bell. Good build quality, and great price. I usually wear an x-lg glove, and for me, the grip size is just right. It might be tough for someone with really small hands to handle during advanced moves until they build adequate grip and forearm strength. So that said, the only real downside I can see someone having is, if they don’t have really small hands and want to use this for two hand maneuvers, not going to happen. I knew this going in, so not worth taking off a…

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