Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell

The Rocketlok kettlebell has revolutionized the adjustable kettlebell class.  This sleek patented design retains the traditional shape and maintains the center of gravity at all weight levels.  The body is made from cast steel and the weighted interior cylinders are milled from solid steel. A molded polyurethane cap with easy slide locking mechanism keeps the weights safely secured.

Product Features

  • Solid cast steel body and handle with weighted interior cylinders milled from sold steel. Molded polyurethane cap with easy slide locking mechanism keeps weights safely secured.
  • Adjust weights from 14, 17, 20 pounds
  • Adjustable kettlebell that retains the traditional shape
  • No tools required to add or remove weight
  • The balance stays consistent at all weight levels which is highly important

3 replies on “Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell”

Good Deal! I bought this kettlebell from the Amazon Outlet. I’m just starting out with kettlebell workouts and not quite ready for heavier weights. So when I saw this for $41, I snagged it. I want to work up to the heavier weights but I need to learn proper form before I go for a heavier set. This set is perfect for progression if you’re just starting out and you want a compact unit.Quality: Good! The lock mechanism on it is tight. You slide the red smaller lock down first, then slide the…

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