RKC Russian Kettlebell – (53 lbs – 24 kg) (Dragon Door)

Eager to Achieve Superlative Levels of Athletic Excellence?

The 24kg/53lbs kettlebell delivers massive physical gains, without wearing down the body. While most fit men will start with Dragon Door’s specially designed 35lb kettlebell, the 53lb kettlebell has quickly become the tool of choice for men who want to quickly accelerate their physical gains using the power of kettlebells.

“I have a couple of different brands of kettlebells, but as I got to the heavier weights I found that Dragon Door bells made a difference because of the wider grip and the fully rounded ball, which didn’t hook into my wrist like bells with a flattened side. When you are doing TGU’s or a Clean and Snatch, you don’t want these things whacking your wristbone the wrong way.

And in 45 years of exercise, I’ve found nothing works faster or better than kettlebells. Essentially, your body can’t cheat the exercise. Machines are worthless for that reason. With K-bells my core has gotten incredibly tight and strong, and at my age that’s the name of the game,” – Fred Joyal / Manhattan Beach, CA, United States

Product Features

  • 53 lbs / 24 kg
  • Powerful tool to aid weight loss and muscle gain
  • Official RKC Russian Kettlebell
  • Rust Resistant & Smooth, comfortable grip

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