Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound Discount !!

Title : Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound
ASIN : B00525XS4I
Description : Enhance and maximize your workout with this versatile solid iron blue 15lb kettle bell complete with two instructional workouts on one DVD from Reebok. This kettle bell has an easy-grip handle, and sculpts and strengthens as it builds muscle mass.
Features :

  • Easy to grip authentic kettle bell-style handle
  • Durable PVC coating protects floors
  • Dynamic swing movements designed for high intensity provide rapid results
  • 2-in-1 workout combines cardio and toning
  • Kit includes DVD with 2 workouts

Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound Reebok Kettlebell with DVD, Blue, 15-Pound
List Price : $39.99
Price : $36.71
Saved Price : $3.28

Category: Kettlebells
Brand: Reebok
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Rating : 4.7
Rating : 3
Review : Great little kit
I got the 10lb kettle bell. My biggest fear was throwing the darned thing into the tv while I was working out, but I found it easy to grip and hold on to, and I pointed myself away from the tv when doing really big moves. ;)

I’ve so far only completed the beginner workout, and while it’s only 16 minutes, it’s a darned crazy 16 minutes! There’s a nice warmup (including the kettlebell, so you start going right away!). Then you will do 40 seconds of engagement and 20 seconds of recovery for the duration of the workout, which is nice, because he shows you the next move during the recovery. The beginners workout seems easy, but doing full squats with chest raises for 40 seconds is nothing to sneeze at! I think I’ll keep with teh beginner workout for a week or so, maybe even doing it twice, then move up to the advanced.

The cool-down has some nice stretches, and I felt a good burn during the stretches. Plus, as an added bonus, I got to sit down! LOL

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