ProSource Speed Cable Jump Rope, Super Fast, 10′ feet Fully Adjustable

ProSource super fast, speed, cable rope is a must have for everyone. This rope will make crossing moves, double under and even triple under easier and fun. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers. ProSource cable jump rope is a one size fits all. Simply measure rope by standing on the middle of the cord and the end of the handles come up to the top of the jumper’s shoulders. Will fit anyone up to up to 6′ 6″ tall. Simply adjust the length with an easy screw/lock using fingers or a screw driver (recommended). Make sure it is clamped tight before jumping. As an option you can cut off the extra cable.

Product Features

  • High quality, durable wire cable, Lightweight ergonomic handles
  • Smooth and quick with every rotation
  • One size fits all, fully adjustable up-to 10ft, easily changes length
  • Ideal rope for double-under and speed jumping
  • Must have rope, perfect for athletes of all levels, including crossfit, boxing, mma and may others

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This rope was just what I needed… Except for one thing… I just recently got back into working out after an extended hibernation period. I like interval training with my rest periods being active rest periods (you literally become a fat furnace) and was getting bored with step ups and jumping jacks. I personally own a lot of pro source fitness equipment and have never been let down. They also typically have the best prices which makes them my first choice for any fitness needs. This rope is a great rope for the money and performs excellently. I am…

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