Mir® – Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell( From 10lbs to 83lbs )

The MiR Pro Adjustable Kettlebell is the first of its kind, never seen or sold on the market before at max weights of 83lbs! You will be able to take your training to the next level with this incredible compact workout tool at your weight. Instead of buying four or five different Kettle bells. you can save space , money and time by purchasing one MiR Pro Adjustable Kettlebell. This Kettlebell is designed with a wide grip handle so all users can easily do kettlebell without any restrictions.

The MiR Pro Adjustable Kettle bell workouts your whole body. Kettlebell workouts are intended to increase strength, endurance, balance and agility, training both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total-body movements. The MiR Pro Adjustable Kettle bell uses velocity and momentum of the Kettle bell so you will be able work out freely with the Kettle bell instead of struggling to do the same motions over and over with the standard dumbbell.

The MiR Pro Adjustable Kettle bell with its patent pending design incorporates Kettlebell workouts at different weight, build muscle max or simply use it to lose weight. The weight being adjustable, you will be able to do various workout such as one handed curls to full body squats with it. This is the perfect training tool for Crossfitters, Athletes, Military personnel, or anyone else who wants a challenging workout instantly. Great for first time users or long time Veterans.

Product Features

  • Wide handle for comfortable 1 or 2 handed workouts.
  • Speed pin lock to quickly adjust weights in and out. Maximum stability during use.
  • Adjustable in 11lbs increments. Min 10lbs – Max 83lbs.
  • Save space and money by using the MiR adjustable Kettle bell. Why buy multiple Kettle bells when you can purchase just one for all your workouts.
  • Recommended for CrossFitters, Personal Trainers, and all athletes.

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Economical Adjustable Kettlebell Pros:1. If you don’t have any prior experience with kettlebells, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a single kettlebell only to have to buy other sizes until you find the right weight (or have to buy a heavier weight as strength improves) so an adjustable kettlebell is an economiical choice.2. The MiR 18-78 lbs Adjustable Kettlebell gives you the most weight/range for the money.3. It is very solid and the weight plates are safely locked in place.Cons:1. It’s…

Product quality, 3 stars… Ease of use when doing snatch or clean and press… 1 star If you are new to kettlebells, I recommend you NOT invest in this product unless you just want it for variable weights for doing swings or getups. If you are new and just trying to figure out what weight would be ideal for you, go to a gym that carries kettlebells and do a couple workouts to see what you would need to do home workouts.I purchased this instead of buying a few extra sets for moving up in weight and also to make it less expensive for family use since my wife and I use…

MiR Vest Pro 78Lbs Adjustable Kettlebell [ASIN: B004QKW07Q] The Kettlebell is as advertised–adjustable from 18 to 78 lbs, but the adjustment is difficult and time consuming, and the retaining pin and flimsy and difficult to seat. Fortunately it doesn’t really seem to be necessary for the normal operation of the equipment as long as you screw the collars on properly. Another issue is that because there isn’t a rounded top-plate, only a rounded bottom plate, certain exercises like cleans will result in some serious pain, so doing those isn’t really an…

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