Marcy 30 lb Vinyl Kettle Weight Set – 3 Kettlebells

No bulky, burly gym accessories here – just the Marcy Vinyl Kettle Weight Set, which is specially designed for women. You’ll get one each of 5-, 10-, and 15-pound kettle weights, which are perfect for circuit training routines and strengthening core and abs. Impact-resistant vinyl casing in three pastel colors.About Impex Fitness Established in 1980, Impex Fitness is on the front lines of innovation in today’s health marketplace. They specialize in home fitness/smith machine style equipment that appeals to the whole family and offers a complete workout experience. Impex encompasses a variety of brands including Marcy, Competitor, Hers, Easy Outdoor and Gym Dandy for children. Your family’s health as their highest priority, Impex Fitness strives to develop the most pioneering fitness equipment available. Impact-resistant vinyl casing. Large, comfortable handles. Ideal for circuit training routines. Includes 3 weights in pastel feminine colors. 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Features

  • Impact-resistant vinyl casing
  • Large, comfortable handles
  • Ideal for circuit training routines
  • Includes 3 weights in pastel feminine colors
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Larger than you might think from just looking at the picture I bought this set because it offered the variety of 3 sizes for a reasonable price compared to buying individual kettle bells separately. I like using different sizes depending on the exercise. For example, I cannot lift 15 lb. over my head with one hand for a shoulder move, but I can use it for ab moves. Also, I didn’t really want to pay a lot more for steel kettles, as I only use this for supplemental weight workouts during off weeks from my boot camp gym class. This set suited my…

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