Lauren Brooks Kettlebell Lightning with Alex Verdugo DVD

Lauren Brooks and Alex Verdugo worked together to create the most time efficient, extreme conditioning kettlebell workouts. These workouts will hit you like a bolt of lightning! They are powerful, quick, effective and will be over before you know it. This DVD is designed for the busy individual who doesn’t have hours and hours to devote to exercise. These carefully designed combinations will give you an endorphin pumping pick me up that will leave you feeling energized for hours. Achieve body fat shredding results that will leave you feeling energized without frying your central nervous system. Burn fat, condition and strengthen your entire body, and get quick, effective workouts in under 15 minutes. There are a variety of workouts to choose from! Enjoy:

– Over 30 foundational and intermediate Kettlebell exercises
– Four Follow-Along Workouts
– One 5-minute Finisher Workout
– Bonus Indian Club Introduction
– Motivating workout music throughout
– Easy navigation and Skip Features

Product Features

  • Avdanced level kettlebell training from Lauren Brooks and Alex Verdugo
  • Released 2012
  • Total Running time: 72 minutes
  • Includes over 30 exercises such as Turkish Get Up – Get Up Sit Up – Swings – Burpees – Presses – Snatches – Alternating Cleans – High Pulls – Windmills – Goblet Squats – Deck Squats – Single Leg Dead Lifts
  • Includes our follow-along workouts plus one 5-minute Finisher Workout