KettleWorX – Six Week Transformation – 6 DVD Set E-Book

KettleWorx The Six-Week body Transformation 6 hours of Total Body Training + Fat Free IN 42 Meal Plan as Seen On TV.

Product Features

  • 6 DVDs with 6 step-by-step workouts on each DVD that will transform your body in 6 weeks
  • Features the Nutrition Guide ebook, Fat Free in 42 Days
  • KettleWorx is appropriate for men and women of any age and fitness level – Users are led through a series of gradually more challenging workouts to transform your body
  • Over 100 unique exercises, with over 8 hours of KettleBell instruction
  • This set DOES NOT include a kettlebell

3 replies on “KettleWorX – Six Week Transformation – 6 DVD Set E-Book”

I was debating whether to give this a 4 or a 5. I went with 5 because this is the only workout system I’ve completed and gone back to complete a couple times more. There are some inconsistencies with some of the reps, noticed one side might have a few more reps then the other side but I simply change the side I’m working on with the next set. What I like most about this workout system is that it isn’t hard on the joints, mainly my bad knees. The pace is at a speed where you can easily…

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