j/fit Vinyl Kettlebell Set – 20-25 lbs.

Cast iron encased in vinyl. Reduces noise and prevents floor damage. Smooth steel handle for comfortable grip. Indoor use only. Includes 20-lb. and 25-lb. bells. Manufacturer’s warranty included (see product guarantee).

Product Features

  • Cast iron encased in vinyl
  • Reduces noise and prevents floor damage
  • Smooth steel handle for comfortable grip
  • Indoor use only
  • Includes 20-lb. and 25-lb. bells

3 replies on “j/fit Vinyl Kettlebell Set – 20-25 lbs.”

Kettlebells I ordered a set of four J-Fit Kettlebells about 6 weeks ago. They included 8,10, 12, and 15 pound weights. After 3 weeks of using them, I needed heavier kettlebells. I bought the 20 and 25 pound kettlebells. So far I use the 25 pound for one arm rows and dead lifts. The 20 pound weight I can use for some of the swings. I will be 60 in June and these weights are terrific. They are cast iron, covered with vinyl, and very durable. I don’t know if I will ever be able to work with more than…

Great ‘bells, love the vinyl coating I love these kettlebells for doing deadlifts and squats. I can use the smaller 20lb for swings and the larger for lower body work. Only, I am not sure why they are only five pounds apart but still, as I needed slightly heavier for lower body, it actually worked out to my advantage. 

excellent, gym quality The j/fit vinyl kettlebells are an extremely well made product and the price is right. I’ve been in many gyms, and some do not compare to the quality of this product. The vinyl makes it nice so in case the kettlebell needs to be dropped, the sound isn’t harsh on the ears or floor. The handles are very comfortable. My hands do not slip, or hurt because of the texture. They feel just as good as competitor kettlebells like ADER, but half the price. Like I said, I’ve been in many gyms,…

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