j/fit Cast Iron Kettlebell

Custom J Fit design, cast iron kettlebell with gray paint for extra protection. Smooth, solid steel handle for comfortable grip. Handle measures 2″ diam. on all kettlebells. For indoor and outdoor use.

Product Features

  • Single 30-pound kettlebell for developing strength, power, endurance, and balance
  • Old-school cast-iron look with gray paint for protection from elements
  • Smooth, solid handle for comfortable grip
  • Gray paint for extra protection
  • For indoor and outdoor use

2 replies on “j/fit Cast Iron Kettlebell”

Good Product GREAT Price!!! Caveat: JFit kettlebells the first and only kettlebells I’ve owned, but they are not the first that I’ve used.Pros:1. The handles are wide enough for both hands (mine are of medium size), which makes it more effective for use in the basic two-hand kettlebell swing. In general, I really like the size and shape of the handles, but you should know that the thickness of the handle varies according to the overall weight of the kbell. The 50lbs handle is significantly, though not…

Great kettlebell with only one small drawback I’m going to make this quick. This kettlebell is great overall. Simple design. All metal (no annoying rubber handle). Handle’s wide enough for two-hand swings. Weight was right on. Shipping was very affordable — which I think I can say here because the manufacturer address and the address of the company that sent it to me were the same.I love it.The one drawback is that the flat face on it makes slight edges that press into my wrist when I do things like clean and…

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