HumanX Kettlebell Arm Guards

Protect forearms from kettlebell bruising, rope burns and Plyo box bashing. Padded forearm guards cushion against impact and abrasion. Streamlined design of flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry conform to forearm and never interfere with workout. Easy pull-on and off and absorbs sweat. One size fits all. Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry.

Product Features

  • Protect forearms from kettlebell scrapes and bruising while training
  • Flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry material conforms to forearm for comfortable secure fit
  • Slim design keeps kettlebell close to arm wrist while training
  • Easy care hand wash cold and lay flat to dry
  • Pull on off design and one size fits all

3 replies on “HumanX Kettlebell Arm Guards”

Perfect – except for washing… If you use kettlebells – you are well aware of the dull achy pain you get from banging them against the soft tissues of your inside and outside wrist. This product TOTALLY works to stop that annoying pain. And absorbs the sweat. However, the manufacturer recommends hand washing and laying flat to dry. I toss them into the washing machine and then let them dry on a rack – I don’t have time to hand wash in cold water and I know I don’t do a great job when I hand wash items.The…

Quite nice for kettlebell workouts I started using kettlebells several years ago. Those who are experienced with kettlebells know that ideally, you should not NEED to protect your forearms, as if you are executing the moves with perfect form, you will not bang your arms with the bells. However, maintaining perfect form is extremely challenging, and I like to have that bit of extra protection. Previously, I was using these…

Not the intended use, but useful Kettlebells? Moi?This review might not be totally useless; there are some of us who have a different need for arm protection, and who are really grateful for anything that works. I have always had very thin skin that bruised easily, and as I have grown older it has become more so. Even a fairly mild brush against some hard surface will leave me with an ugly red bruise that takes two or three weeks to go away; I’m rarely free of at least one such. Thus, I have been looking for…

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