Harbinger Kettlebell Arm Guards, One Size, Black

Protect forearms from kettlebell bruising, rope burns and ploy box bashing. Padded forearm guards cushion against impact and abrasion. Streamlined design of flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry conform to forearm – and never interfere with workout. Easy pull-on and off, and absorbs sweat. One size fits all. Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry.

Product Features

  • Protect forearms from kettlebell scrapes and bruising while training
  • Flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry material conforms to forearm for comfortable secure fit
  • Slim design keeps kettlebell close to arm wrist while training
  • Pull on off design and one size fits all
  • Easy care hand wash cold and lay flat to dry

3 replies on “Harbinger Kettlebell Arm Guards, One Size, Black”

Kettlebell arm guards These wrist/forearm guards are perfect. Just enough protection for the forearms to give me the confidence to learn correct form with the Kettlebell.

Lifesavers! Bought these for a kettlebell cert. The constant pounding on my wrists was really getting to me but these saved them! They cover a lot of area on your arm, are very thick (makes you a little sweatier), and they have a hard interior that really protects the wrist. They made the rest of the cert so much easier. I always kick myself when I forget to bring them when I do any kettlebell swings!

So far so good. I like these far better than the gloves out there. No wrist pain at all after working out. Worth the money.

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