GoFit Brook Benton Butts & Guts Kettlebell Workout 65 Minutes Dvd

Cardio, Power & Strength all in one great workout. This is an extremely intense workout, designed for the fitness enthusiast seeking a higher level in human performance. Kettlebell: Butts & Guts trains power, cardio and strength, and delivers one enormous kick in the pants in all three categories. Be ready to shake up your routine, shock your body and rock your world. See more about Brook Benten in the GoFit Fitness Expert Section of our website.

Product Features

  • Run Time: 65 minutes

2 replies on “GoFit Brook Benton Butts & Guts Kettlebell Workout 65 Minutes Dvd”

Good workouts I really like Brook Benton’s workout DVDs. She is very encouraging, and her instructions are very clear. During the whole workout in this DVD, you will do tons of squats, swings, and lunges (with a kettle bell), along with many other movements combining squat, swing, snatch, and more. I think the best thing about her workout style is that it combines cardio and weight training in a single workout routine (unlike some workout DVDs that separate cardio from muscle strength.) Another thing I like…

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