FitDeck – Kettlebell

FitDeck Kettlebell offers tons of kettlebell exercises with clear and concise illustrations and instructions. FitDeck Kettlebell is fun for all levels!

Product Features

  • Strengthen and tone the entire body in one workout (upper, middle, lower body)
  • Contains illustrations & instructions describing 18 different basic kettlebell exercises
  • Pre-arrange cards to create custom sequences or shuffle cards for random sequences
  • Provides unique cross-training opportunities when combined with other FitDeck routines
  • Intended for a broad range of users from novices to fitness enthusiasts

2 replies on “FitDeck – Kettlebell”

very few workout cards Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of the Original Fit Deck and I recently started doing Kettlebell workouts, so I thought this was going to be perfect.The package came and had a big box of cards! So I opened the box and some of the “cards” are actually a cardboard insert that tells you that this box can hold more than one deck. (Which is lame in general and extra bad because the new cards are slightly smaller than original, so it can’t hold the original deck.)Then…

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