Empower 3 in 1 Kettlebell

Designed with women in mind!. 3 weights, one kettlebell. 3-in-1 kettlebell is perfect for versatile workouts. Great for those who don’t know what weight to buy. Easy-to-use handle. Great for progressive workouts and training muscle groups. Dimensions: 6L x 10.4W x 11.5H inches.

Product Features

  • Designed with women in mind!
  • 3 weights, one kettlebell
  • 3-in-1 kettlebell is perfect for versatile workouts
  • Great for those who don’t know what weight to buy
  • Easy-to-use handle

3 replies on “Empower 3 in 1 Kettlebell”

Good idea, but………. For the price I suppose it’s OK. It gets you started, but if you’re serious about learning to use proper form for kettlebells this style of adjustable bell is only so so…….. The problem lies in the fact that the shape shrinks or elongates when you subtract or add the two removable weights. This might not seem like a big deal, but it doesn’t feel like the traditional kettlebell in use which actually IS important for learning correct form, which in turn, is important for effectiveness and…

Good video!……as time goes by, kettle bell is not so great Ok, so I love the video that comes with this set of kettlebells. I’m working out about 5 days a week, using a combo. of this, the Jillian Michaels shred videos & a few P-90 x videos, so I consider myself at an intermediate level. I feel like I get a good workout & I like the lady on the video. I like the kettlebells ok…….the only thing I’m not crazy about is the little lever you have to push down to get the kettlebells apart can be difficult to push down far enough to get them to come…

Fine. Gets the job done Fine. Gets the job done. I prefer Rocketlok, but since they don’t make Kettlebells lower than 14 lbs., this is a good extra for those exercises where you need to get a little lighter. Another reviewer mentioned the change in weights creates a change in shape which affect performance. I agree that making the weight lighter affects the shape which messes with the center of gravity but at 5 lbs. and 10 lbs., I don’t think that it’s too big of a deal. If you want to go heavier that would be an…

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