Empower 2-in-1 Kettle Bell, Fuscia

Empower’ s 2-in-1 Adjustable Kettle bell is the most effortless adjustable kettle bell on the market. Made with a woman in mind, this adjustable kettle bell can be used at 5 or 9 pounds. This one-of-a-kind kettle bell is ergonomically designed for a woman’s grip and the soft plastic shell is easy on the hands and nails, making it perfect for smooth, controlled moves. Use different weights to target your trouble zones or simply add weight as you progress. Let fitness expert Gin Miller guide you on a total body transformation with a fat-blasting, calorie burning, DVD workout. This kettle bell brings an innovative twist to an already proven fitness solution.

Product Features

  • Kettle bell can be used at 5 or 9 pounds
  • Unique click-and-twist design easily adjusts weight
  • Wide-grip handle gives you total control
  • Included DVD contains three fun, fat-blasting Gin Miller workouts
  • Includes one 2-in-1 Kette Bell, workout DVD and workout guide