Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight 25 Lbs Natural Solid Titan Fitness Workout Swing

This kettlebell is ideal for explosive exercises that work major muscles, build power, and burn body fat without needing a whole rack of them to get a great workout as many exercises only require just one, or a pair. With these kettlebells you can perform such exercises as the basic swing upwards through your legs, figure 8 swing around your legs, clean, clean & press, and more! The Kettlebells from Titan Fitness are gravity cast in a single piece leaving no weak spots or welds.

– Drop Cast Iron 
– One-piece design for strength 
– Flat base for easy storage 
– Extra-wide handle for easy grip

– Handle Width: 1.25″ 
– Material: Cast-Iron 
– Finish: Natural 
– Weight: 25 lb 
– Color: Black

Product Features

  • Quality: Professional quality design, compact, solid; accurate weight
  • Durability: Cast iron so won’t break open & material won’t tear
  • Safe: Natural slip free texture, seamless and even finish will not hurt your hands.
  • Practical: Standard-sized handle won’t hurt your wrists; flat bottom makes it easy to store & prevents rolling
  • Versatile: Can be used for many exercises and to work out many muscle groups and body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs, and more

3 replies on “Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight 25 Lbs Natural Solid Titan Fitness Workout Swing”

Good product It’s a kettlebell, there isn’t too much to say. The packaging wasn’t great so it got a bit chipped, but the product itself is good and a great addition to my home gym. It has a thin layer of coating on it which allows a good grip, not a plastic coating that gets slippery. No complaints.

I love these kettlebells I love these kettlebells. I needed these for snatch practise. Titan puts out quality kettlebells at an affordable price. And they have an excellent customer service, my bells didn’t get delivered because the usps had an issue with the weight. Titan customer service called and tried to work with the usps and when that failed they re- shipped my bells FedEx. Good bells great customer service. I am very happy.

Solid Kettlebell The kettlebell is solid and has a nice and smooth handle. Seems as if it will pretty much last forever. UPDATE: Have purchased two of these now. The second heavier one is just as a great. Had a minor shipping problem, but it wasn’t Titan’s fault and they quickly worked with the postal service to correct the issue.

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