CAP Barbell Weighted Workout Bar

The Workout Bar is a weighted bar that is less than 2″ thick in diameter and measures 50″ long. The bar is made of solid steel and is encased in a soft foam rubber exterior. The Workout Bar can be utilized in different types of workouts ranging from strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, balance and alignment, sports conditioning, kick boxing and martial arts and flexibility training and Pilates/yoga workouts. They are durable, yet comfortable and the even weight distribution across the bar makes the workout more balanced. The Workout Bar is easy to store and has no loose parts. The soft black foam rubber exterior will not damage floors and the square shape provides a more secure and comfortable grip. The colorful rubber ends prevent damage to nearby people and objects and along with the labels make weight identification easy. Ideal for home or group fitness sessions. Warning: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Consumer may return the product for a full refund, including shipping cost for both receipt and return of the product within 15 days of his or her receipt.

Product Features

  • Covered in soft foam to protect floors
  • Made of solid steel
  • Black end caps
  • 30 Day warranty

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Not happy with condition of product!! I will be honest, I thought perhaps another reviewer was exaggerating when s/he said that the bar arrived dirty and with rips in the padded foam. That is what I get for thinking! I should have heeded the warning, because I got the exact same thing! I ordered the 15 lb. bar and when it arrived this morning, it was covered in a thin layer of brown dust and had three cuts in the foam (one of them fairly sizable). This kind of thing irks me beyond belief. And of course, because returning something…

Excellent for in-home full body workouts If you’ve ever taken a body pump class, which combines free weights and aerobic steps to music to work multiple muscle groups, then you likely understand how useful this bar can be. You can use it much like you would a free weight bar, but without the need to keep multiple sets of plates in your house.The workout bar is idea for benchpress, tricep extensions, lunges, squats, and more. As a 5’3″, 120 lb female, the 15 pound bar is perfect for multi-rep toning (versus a heavier…

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