Cap Barbell Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Rack

Another breakout product design from CAP Barbell. The RK-CB16H combines style and function without compromising safety and durability. The RK-CB16H is constructed from solid steel providing a secure and space saving storage solution. Features of this storage rack include rubber grommet trimmed dumbbell cradles to prevent scratches and tearing for up to 4 pairs of dumbbells. Rubber trimmed bottom and top edges protect floors and equipment. Two steel storage shelves allow for additional equipment storage such as kettle bells, jump ropes, etc. or for accessory items like a workout towel, water bottle, mp3 player, etc. The entire rack is covered in a durable, scratch resistant powder coat finish. The manufacturer’s maximum weight capacity is 225lb. Please note this storage rack is designed to hold up to four pairs of dumbbells and will accommodate MOST dumbbell sizes from 3 b to 35 lb.

Product Features

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Holds up to 4 pairs of Dumbbells
  • Includes two trays for additional storage
  • Mfg. suggested max weight capacity is 225 lb.

3 replies on “Cap Barbell Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Rack”

I originally was very upset with this product but now … I originally was very upset with this product but now after finding an engineer he helped me fix this product. The bolts need to be tightened with a ratchet (not provided) and an Allen wrench (included). If you don’t use these it is impossible to tighten the bolts leading to this product being very unstable.

Wobbly Rack Not sure about this item. It took a while to put it together, but when i put dumbbells on it (15#, 20#, 25#), it felt wobbly and unstable.. I believe you could easily knock the stand over if you are not careful. On the stand I received, the CAP appears to be printed a bit crooked.. The idea of the stand is great, however. I love the idea of the baskets for your kettlebell, medicine ball, gloves, etc. If this item would more stable, it would be 5 star product. Im going to return and get another…

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