Art of Strength Kettlebell Training DVD

Kettlebell Training Clinic Volume I is a 2 disk instructional set which teaches you how to use kettlebell safely, quickly and effectively. In this special 2 disc dvd set you’ll learn the fundamentals of Kettlebell training as perfected by Anthony Diluglio, one of America’s top Kettlebell instructors. Finally discover the secrets behind one of the most intense training regiments in existence. Learn exactly what it takes to transform yourself from fit to kettlebell fit in 2 intense step by step instructional DVDs

Product Features

  • Double Disc Set
  • Step by Step Kettlebell Training
  • Learn every move as if Anthony DiLuglio is by your side
  • Great Kettlebell Workout

3 replies on “Art of Strength Kettlebell Training DVD”

An excellent beginner level DVD The film consists of two DVDs. In the first disc, several kettlebell exercises are instructed to the viewer, and the second disc includes two follow along -type workouts.The instruction of the exercises is very good. They are taught in very detailed manner and in several instances they are taught as a continuum where first you learn some easier exercises, that eventually lead to mastery of the final exercise. Therefore, you don’t have to learn a totally new exercise as a whole, but…

Great instruction Diluglio does a great job of breaking down each exercise and explaining exactly what muscles should be involved and how it should be properly executed for safety and effectiveness. He gives the details on disk 1 (the instructional DVD) and then trains on the fly with disk 2 (the exercise DVD). Once you get the hang of the movements, you can turn the “cueing” off and follow along at a quicker pace. He also gives tips on constructing your own workout without the DVD. It’s a straightforward,…

Worth the cost I want to get to RKC level and purchased this product as part of my due diligence on form, especially with snatches. I have done Crossfit for a number of years, but wanted to refine my technique prior to increasing the volume of “kettlebelling” in my workouts.The package is comprised of two discs:1) Instruction on the swing, clean, snatch, press, get-up and squat. This disc is very well-done with succinct, yet thorough explanations and demonstrations of each exercise. There are…

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