Ader Pro-Grade International Kettlebell- (16kg)

Picture for reference only, logo may vary. Ader kettlebells feature one of the best designs on the market, including wide handles with a smooth finish and wide, flat bottoms for stability during push-ups and other floor exercises. These are all cast steel with no welding. Ship out 2-7 days.

Product Features

  • 16 KG (35lb) Ader Pro-Grade International Kettlebell
  • Develop wide range of body flexbility.
  • NO shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO addresses or PO boxes

3 replies on “Ader Pro-Grade International Kettlebell- (16kg)”

the sergeant in my Salvation Army of kettlebells This is the sergeant in my Salvation Army of kettlebells. The top of the handle is about 11 inches high and the diameter of the spherical portion is about 8 inches. All Ader Pro-Grade kettlebells have the same linear dimensions. Only the colors and weights change. This adds a nice consistency to kettklebell exercise. This has a nice smooth handle and its bright yellow sphere begs for a smiley face, but I am content to swing and lift it. Read my review of the Ader 32kg red kettlebell about a…

Great kettle bell and great service If you are thinking about getting a kettle bell and you know you will be into that type of training save yourself money and get this. I have several kettle bells and the Ader are the best by far. If you buy something else you will only end up getting one of these anyway. 

love my Ader pro kettlebells! ! Love my Ader pro’s ! I have an 8kg pair (pink) and a 12kg pair (blue) I recently bought my 16kg (yellow)single pro kettlebell, as I am building up strength fast. I’ll be ordering another 16kg to have the pair. These 16kg are killer for front squats,renegade rows and double swings. These Ader pro kettlebells are the best investment in sports equipment I’ve ever made. They are all I need for my home workouts. Great quality too!

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