80 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

Material: Cast Iron

Product Features

  • Same day shipping if the order is placed in the morning.

3 replies on “80 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell”

Kettlebells Woo Hoo!!! I love these wide handled kettlebells! Shipping is fast! I’ve tried a bunch of others – but these folks are the best!!! Wide handles are totally the way to go!

Top Shelf Product I really like this product. The wide handle is fantastic for doing two handed swings with really heavy kettlebells. I will purchase this product again. I am looking to upgrade to a 100 lb Kettlebell soon and will purchase it from this seller. On my opinion, it is better to have a wide handled KB that I can use in a heavier weight than to get a more official, narrower handled one that i can only do one handed swings with because i cannot get a complete grip with both hands. Being safely able to…

80 lb bell Great price, good product. Not solid cast iron but fine for what we use it for. Nice size handles, good for women as well as men, and nice flat bottom. Not too slick which is good when your hands are sweaty. I ordered an 80, 90 and 100 lb bells. Shipping was as much as the bells, but still very happy with the product.

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