Power Systems Kettlebell

Traditional cast iron bell and handle. Handle measures 1″ diam. on the 10 lb. kettlebell and progressively increases to 2″ diam. on the 100 lb.

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As expected, solid kettlebell. First off, I’m using these for crossfit. I think crossfit athletes should have a 35lb, 55lb, and 70lb kettlebell set (the men at least). That roughly translates to one pood, 1.5 pood, and two pood kettlebells (again, roughly, one pood is just over 36 pounds).I ordered the 55lb KB first, and it arrived in a box that was thrashed – which should be expected. All they need is to get the label on something so it can be delivered, these particular KBs aren’t going to get damaged in…

A cheap, quality kettlebell – one of the best around I currently own 5 power system kettlebells ranging from 25-60 pounds and they have served me well. in my experience i rank them as some of the best around, and the cheapest.some of them have seen time on the beach i the sand for days on end, and none of them show significant signs of wear beyond the absolute pummeling they took in the mail system from their delivery.I would have complained about that – the fact that they were shipped in nothing but a cardboard box, and were of…

Big handle and rough I definitely understand why this kettlebell is so cheap. It’ll get the job done, but I’m kind of regretting my purchase.Handle: The handle on this thing is way bigger than my other kettlebells. I bought the 50 lb version of this kettlebell and I have a 35 lb version of a Cap kettlebell, so that’s what I will compare. The handle on the Power Systems is 4.3 cm in diameter and almost 14 cm in circumference, while my cap is 3.6 cm & 12.3 cm respectively. You math whizzes will note that…

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